Tuesday, 18 December 2012

"If they'd kept God in U.S. schools, the massacre wouldn't have happened."

This post is a response to a couple of articles I've seen on Facebook, Twitter etc. It also serves as a kind of update to an earlier blog post - The Tragic Killings In Connecticut...

We're all aware that 'religious belief' is responsible for a large percentage of premature death in the world. So what really needs to change is the kind of morality that is taught in schools & elsewhere.

We all need to relearn the concept of cause & effect: of taking responsibility for our own actions but we live in a throwaway society where surprisingly few care about these values.

I've heard that the boy who did the shooting was autistic or had learning difficulties. Perhaps he was predisposed to this kind of action. Nonetheless, if he'd had morals instilled into him as a child - simply knowing & understanding the difference between right & wrong, & the consequences of wrong action, - perhaps he would've chosen differently. Maybe he'd have sought psychiatric treatment for his terrible compulsion instead & nobody would've had to die.

It's all maybes I know, but the message of God, taken literally, is one of grace... Accept Jesus as your saviour & that's it. You're under grace. You can rob a bank, mug a granny or even get away with murder but you are still perfect in God's sight because of the sacrifice of his son. This is wonderful news for believers but the problem is it can discourage responsible behaviour where it is needed most. What happens to cause & effect? What about the Mummys & Daddys whose kids are now just a memory & who's lives are shattered forever? Try telling them that Jesus loves the killer & forgives him & He's picking up the tab for his wrongdoing & that because God is omniscient, He knew the massacre would happen anyway. He didn't stop it from happening therefore the parents must accept the murder of their kids as God's will...

THIS IS the attitude that is expected of Christians. Anything less than this is watered down, lukewarm Christianity - which God despises by the way. It's completely immobilising & removes all requirements for thought & an individual's purpose for living. There goes responsibility, here comes delusion & a madman with a gun. Is that what's needed in society? It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth too.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Prayers My Arse!

Kids, DO NOT be taken in by religion! It will do nothing but mess with YOUR head, YOUR emotions, YOUR life & YOUR choices. It causes a person to deny his or her own mind & promotes irrationality. It will be instrumental in clouding your judgement on simple things like the choice between right & wrong & this will in turn, affect other people (see terrorists).  You will find yourselves giving up things that you love doing, things you live for, things that you were born to do... for no damned reason at all & you'll come to resent every second of your life.

In fact, if you don't end up in jail because of your beliefs, you'll end up a bitter, resentful, hollow, subhuman wreck who achieves nothing because of the belief that it is evil to live an uncomplicated happy life of fulfilment... but cheer up old son, Jesus loves you apparently.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

The Tragic Killings in Connecticut

I'm very sorry to hear about the brutal killing of those poor kids & adults in Connecticut. I am a father to three children whom I love dearly & I know I'm a very fortunate man. I don't want to imagine what the parents of those who are lost forever must be feeling right now. It's a dreadful situation & I can't imagine there's any way of getting over something so terrible.

I've seen several posts around the internet about the necessity for the U.S. government to toughen up on gun laws. Now this may seem a bit rich coming from someone posting under a name suggestive of immoral acts (it's not meant to be), nonetheless I have some things to say...

Cannabis, E, Speed, LSD, Ketamin, Heroin, Cocaine, all illegal in the UK & most of the US but that doesn't stop people from getting hold of it if they want it. The same will apply with guns.

What causes most attacks of this nature is a wrong mindset or a compulsion. This is usually because of a delusion like "God told me to do it" or the attacker had an unstable past & a likely result is he learned no morals as a child. Perhaps the attacker was predisposed to this kind of act anyway, but if he'd been taught & he'd understood the right kind of morals as a child, then no matter what crazy thoughts may have entered his head as a young adult, he may just have chosen not to carry out such a brutal act & sought help from a doctor instead. His delusional mindset could've been addressed & he could've gone on to lead a normal life & no one would've had to die.

There comes a point when a cycle must be broken & responsibility must be taken by THE INDIVIDUAL. It is an act of will. Tightening gun laws doesn't bring about such responsibility, it takes it away, encouraging irresponsibility. There's always a knife or a petrol bomb.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

Most of us have seen internet posts claiming that gun crime is on the increase. This I believe proves what I have just said to be true. We live in a Nanny State: our world leaders are slowly bringing in more laws & more government. This action is suggestive of a lack of trust for individuality. What else can it mean? Thus responsibility is taken from the individual. This by nature will breed irresponsibility, which in turn will lead to irrational thought & negation of morals - the likes of which we have seen.

People need to be given back the right to take responsibility for their actions. Taking such responsibility is easier said than done if you've made huge mistakes in life - every action has an equal & opposite reaction after all, nonetheless, & no matter how hard, the buck has to stop somewhere.

My thoughts are with the families of those who are gone forever & with the brave souls on the scene who did the best they could to take charge of a dreadful & traumatic occurrence.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Nine days before the end of the world & here I am writing a blog. I could be spending precious time with my family, or partying hard, but no, here I am, just about to go to bed, staring at an almost blank screen on a nine year old laptop. I'm out of scotch, smoked my last stogie & got customers to see tomorrow... well today. The end of the world is bad news as it means I've got less than two weeks to grow http://dropdeadsexypeople.com into something other than a fancy web address & a half arsed website. I've got plans & I only hope I can succeed in 8 days time so I've got at least one day to revel in it & spend all the millions I plan to make.

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Right, off to bed now.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Want Sexy People

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I live in southern England, I'm married with three children & I'm a nutjob.

I've met many other nutjobs in life, most of whom were nice enough but I'm no longer in contact with the majority of them.

Some nutjobs I've met were proper headcases & I'd advise you to stay well away from the headcases, they're not worth the grief.

One thing to note about me is I'm notorious for harebrained schemes. Over the years, I've come up with so many of these & it's possible that in another dimension - one where they actually worked, I'd be considered a tycoon.

What my harebrained ideas really boil down to is, I'm constantly trying to find nice ways to make loads of money. In other words, I want a nice life & I expect to pay for it but I don't want to have to work too hard for my money.

I never got on at school (hated every second of it), I just never fitted in. No matter which one I went to, I found myself in the class that most people would gladly sacrifice body parts just to avoid. I suspect many of the halfheads I went to school with have gone on to be successful ghouls, bailiffs or politicians.

After escaping juvenile death camp, I got myself a job - which was nice but didn't pay, so I got myself another job - which was nice but didn't pay much more. Since then I've had a succession of jobs I've either hated or barely tolerated. They gave me either zero job satisfaction or money that would insult a beggar, or both.

After some years of crashing & blundering from one set of disastrous circumstances to the next, I decided I'd had enough. Seeing as building a rocket ship & escaping to another planet with a breathable atmosphere was out of the question, I settled with the next best thing & decided that I would chase MY dreams & for one thing, never work for anyone else again.

So life's not easy for anyone but I'm an awkward sod who refuses to play ball (I'm crap at football too). Life's too short so why spend it doing stuff you really don't want to be doing? I've failed so many times in life, got so many things wrong - but the thing I've failed at most of all is just being me.

So who am I? I'm not a people person that's for sure. By the world's standards, I'm probably an eccentric, insecure gibbering freak. By my standards, fuck the world.

I've decided there are four thing in life which are important to me:

1. Me.

 If I'm not doing something I want to do, my heart won't be in it so I won't be happy & those around me will suffer as a result. I will not be working at my optimum so I'll be messing things up all the time & thus letting others down. That's why it's important to THINK OF YOURSELF BEFORE OTHERS. They never teach you that in school.

2. My family.

They are the most important people to me, I love them all dearly. I love spending time with my kids & acting like an idiot, bundling them all over the floor & tickling them until they're bent double with laughter. That's important.

3, Friends.

I don't have many friends. Those who are true friends, I'll do anything for (within reason).

4. Money.

I want money. Money's nice, it buys you nice things, nice food, nice cars & makes nasty things go away. What's not to like about it?

Whoever said money was the root of all evil was probably a mug who couldn't make any.

I have no money but I'm trying to grow some right now.